Pak Canadian Foreign Exchange Online Money Transfer is the online money remittance service of Pak Canadian Foreign Exchange that allows Canadian consumers to send money to Gambia, Kenya and Senegal via www.pakcanadian.com anytime -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using Canadian bank account.

Pak Canadian Foreign Exchange is an authorized money transfer business by the Financial Transaction & Reports Analysis Center of Canada (FINTRAC).

You can start from creating an account with us by clicking on the SIGN UP button on the home page or by clicking the link Pak Canadian Foreign Exchange Sign Up page.

Once you successfully submit your profile, you will immediately receive an email from us containing the encrypted link. You must need to click on this encrypted link to activate your account. If your browser does not allow the links, you must copy and paste this link to activate your account. In case you delete or misplace your email containing this encrypted link, you can always activate your account by clicking on the "Activate your account" link on the Login page.

Upon successful activation of your account, you will be able to log into your account on the Pak Canadian Foreign Exchange Login page.

After logging into your account for the first time, you may be required to provide us your identification related documents, such as your driver license. You can upload any such required documents on the "Verification Status" page under the "Settings" menu. Please note that we are required by law to verify and keep record of your identification on our files.

After you provide us your identification documents, our staff may contact you through the email or by phone to request further documentation, if necessary. Once your account is approved by our staff, you will be able to Send Money in the following three easy steps.

➢ Provide us your beneficiary information. You will have the option to create a new beneficiary along the way. ➢ Select your payment method as Interac Online. ➢ Enter in the transaction information.
After completing the above steps and then reviewing your transaction information, you can submit your transaction.

Once the transaction is created, a confirmation page is displayed with the transaction number generated for your reference. You also have the option to print your receipt.

Currently, we only accept Interac Online payment method. As long as your transaction is being done before 3.00 pm EST on business days, it will be processed the same day. Otherwise, it will be processed the next day. It takes two business days for this process to complete.

The currency accepted is CAD and the remittance is delivered in the payout country's local currency.

Your beneficiary will get the money two business days after you send the transaction. Your exchange rate and service fee is locked. Once the funds are received in our account, which generally takes 1 business day, you will receive a confirmation that the funds are ready to be disbursed.

The beneficiary can collect money via our partner banks. You can search for the payout locations on Locations page, or alternatively you can always contact us and we can guide you at which locations the beneficiary can pick up the funds.

The service charge can be calculated through the Fee Calculator.

Yes, your information is secured via SSL which uses 256 bit encryption algorithm. This protects transactions and confidential data in transmission.

You can easily track your transaction via our Track Transaction facility by entering the unique transaction reference number. Following are the available transaction status messages:

➢ In Process - The transaction is being processed ➢ Transmitted to Payee Office - Your transaction has been accepted and is ready for disbursement ➢ Paid to Beneficiary - Your beneficiary has received the money